UBC Research on Monkeys in the News

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UBC Research on Monkeys in the News

The Province

Stop UBC Animal Research (STOP), a local campaign to end research on animals at UBC, landed a story on the front page of The Province today.

STOP uncovered a proposal by UBC researchers to conduct experiments on rhesus monkeys and is asking for the University to halt the experiment and release the monkeys to a sanctuary. The experiments are intended to study the effects of Parkinson’s disease – although the monkeys will be “injected with substances to duplicate Parkinson’s disease in humans” instead of actually having Parkinson’s disease.

This just seems like bad science.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Anne Birthistle wants to save four rhesus monkeys from UBC’s death row.

Birthistle, a researcher for Stop UBC Animal Research, wants to “adopt the monkeys” by offering to buy the research monkeys before they are killed as part of Experiment LS91.

Documents obtained by The Province show that the four monkey are to be injected with substances to duplicate Parkinson’s disease in humans, then “sacrificed” for testing to show the effects.

“Stop UBC Animal Research will launch an “adopt a monkey” campaign where we are prepared to pay for every monkey at UBC,” said Birthistle. “We want UBC to release them to us so that we can turn them over to a primate sanctuary where they can live out their days in peace and comfort.”

Read the full article.

For more information about the campaign, visit stopubcanimalresearch.org.

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