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UFC fighter Jon Fitch’s diet

Jon Fitch is the #2 welterweight MMA fighter in the world in pretty much everyone’s book. (Georges St-Pierre, the consensus #1, is the only fighter to defeat Fitch in the UFC.) He’s known for a grinding fighting style, overpowering and outworking his opponents. Here’s a video he recently released showing what he eats in a

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Meatless Mondays

Most people probably think of Meatless Mondays as a fairly new phenomenon.   The idea was given new life in 2003 by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, but it actually started during WWI, when the U.S. Government began urging citizens to reduce their consumption of what they considered staples–wheat, sugar, fats, and meat–in order

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CRA is seeking public comments on their charitable guidelines for animal welfare groups

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The Canada Revenue Agency (the agency that oversees charitable registration in Canada) is seeking public comments on their new guidelines for groups involved in animal welfare work. I may not have written about this before on this blog, but I have on my own personal blog (and here), and it seems to me that

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Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

We’ve all heard by now about the 100 sled dogs slaughtered “execution-style” in Whistler.  This horrifyingly brutal crime should not be considered an anomaly, however: it is yet another reminder of what happens when we treat animals as commodities rather than individuals capable of suffering. The dogs were killed because of “a slow winter season”.