Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

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Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

A sled dog from Outdoor Adventures (Photo by the Vancouver Sun)

We’ve all heard by now about the 100 sled dogs slaughtered “execution-style” in Whistler.  This horrifyingly brutal crime should not be considered an anomaly, however: it is yet another reminder of what happens when we treat animals as commodities rather than individuals capable of suffering.

The dogs were killed because of “a slow winter season”.  The company, Outdoor Adventures, had purchased extra dogs to take advantage of the increased tourism that came with the Olympics;  one year later, demand for sled dog tours had dropped and the dogs were costing the company more money than they were making.  100 of 300 dogs were slaughtered.

As shocking as it might seem, this is routine in many industries that use animals.

Dairy cattle are slaughtered at 4 years old or so, a quarter of their lifespan, when they stop giving enough milk to prove profitable.  Egg-laying hens are treated the same way, killed at 1 or 2 years old (about a fifth of their lifespan) when they can no longer lay enough eggs to make money for the company.   (This is typical procedure, whether conventional or “free range”.)  Meanwhile, sheep raised for wool generally go to slaughter at around 7 years old, when their wool production begins to drop off, despite the fact that they can live as long as 15 years.

What can you do to help dogs in Whistler? Help get the sled dog tour industry banned!  Write to:

Honourable Ben Stewart
Minister of Agriculture
PO Box 9043
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E2


What can you do to help dairy cows, egg-laying hens, sheep, and other animals suffering in exploitative industries?  Reduce your consumption of animal products or better yet, go vegan!

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