Save a life this Thanksgiving

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Save a life this Thanksgiving

Even though we live in Canada, many of us celebrate US Thanksgiving. Please take a minute to read this excellent article about just who you might be eating on Thursday.

Joanne loves turkeys

When most people hear the word turkey, they think of a roast on the table at Thanksgiving—the piece of flesh whose entire purpose is to satisfy our need to follow a tradition. It’s something that everyone must have at Thanksgiving, no questions asked.


I like asking questions. My favourite question to ask around Thanksgiving time is: Have you ever met a turkey? The answer to this question usually varies from “Oh, I’ve met lots of turkeys. My brother-in-law is one!” to “I heard they drown when they look up in the rain.” The responses do not surprise me, since most people who eat turkey do not have the opportunity or an interest in meeting the incredibly cuddly and affectionate creature in its living state. You must think I’m out of my mind to even suggest that an ugly bird can be cuddly and affectionate. But turkeys, like dogs, are truly affectionate by nature.


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Looking for an alternative to a dead turkey? Download our turkey information leaflet, complete with recipes for a complete (and delicious!) holiday meal.

Or, try making your own Unturkey:

However you celebrate Thanksgiving, please make it a happy and compassionate day for all!

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