Say ‘no’ to animal donation programs

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Say ‘no’ to animal donation programs

(This blog post was originally published in December of 2010.)

Buying charitable gifts for people is a great way to celebrate the true spirit of the holidays, but not all charitable gifts are equal.

Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing a lot about animal donation programs such as those offered by Oxfam in Heifer International.  Last year, we published a blog post about this issue: Goat for Gold, not a good idea.

Kamlabai Gudhe with her high-eating, low yielding cow that cost Rs. 17,500 of which she paid Rs. 5,500. (Picture by P Sainath).

Since the holidays are upon us again, I wanted to post a quick update–an account of these programs from the perspective of the people who “benefit” from them.  From Kamlabai Gudhe, a farmer who lives in Lonsawala, Wardha:

“I said we don’t want this. We have never kept cattle and don’t know how to. Give one of us a job, any work. Instead, my son is full time in service of this cow. Were he not tied down by it, he would earn Rs.50 a day [i.e., about $1] as a labourer. This brute eats more than all us in this house put together. And we don’t get more than four litres of milk in a day from it.”

Read more at There’s No Such Thing as a Free Cow.

Remember, there are plenty of charities that feed the hungry without hurting animals.  For example:

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December 29, 2011 at 7:10 pm

And the milk is only while the cow is pregnant.

I also don’t donate to cancer research or anything that tests on animals, or programs that feed people animal products. Personally.

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