Eating Vegan at UBC, part 2: Sushi

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Eating Vegan at UBC, part 2: Sushi

So, this is a little embarrassing. Long, long ago, I started a series of posts on vegan food at UBC, but I never got past the first post. (I guess it was a series of post.) Well, it’s a new year, and time to get that series going again. This time, there will be more than one post. At least two! I swear!

OK, we’re going to start things off easy, with sushi. Lots of the work has already been done: in late 2009, the Ubyssey ran a column on sushi at UBC, and not much has changed since then. I’ll just add a couple of things here to veganize their work, so to speak.

1. Don’t bother with Osaka Sushi if you’re vegan: there’s mayo in everything. But the Honour Roll, Suga Sushi, and One More (my personal favourite) all have plenty of vegan rolls. I confess I’ve never been to Mio Japan, so I can’t say how much of their menu is vegan–they’re right down the stairs from One More, and if I’ve walked all the way to the Village, it’s probably specifically to go to One More or Curry Point (see last post). Does anyone else have anything to say about Mio Japan?

2. I’m much less keen on Suga Sushi than the Ubyssey’s reviewer is. I’ve eaten there a handful of times, and their rice often seems to be… funky. Two or three times, I’ve gotten rice with a strong, not entirely pleasant taste & odour. But that might just be my wimpy tastebuds–your mileage may vary. And on the other hand, they’re open through the winter break, unlike most of the other places on campus–so if you’re on campus between terms & craving sushi, this is the place to go (& that’s why I’ve gone back to their funky rice).

Next time: vegan options in the SUB, other than the Delly (which deserves its own post).

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