Animals at Stanley Park petting zoo sent to slaughter

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Animals at Stanley Park petting zoo sent to slaughter

But it’s zoo business as usual.

The news came out today that some of the sheep and goats at the former Stanley Park Children’s Farmyard were sent to slaughter by Trevor French, owner of Golden Grounds Farms, who promised to take them in when the petting zoo closed.  Instead, it appears that the majority may have been sent to auction and slaughtered not long after having been adopted.

The agreement, the park board says, was that the animals would be allowed to live out the rest of their natural lives at their adoptive homes.

“…We followed very stringent, thorough practice to check everybody out,” [Park Board Chair Constance] Barnes told CTV, noting that letters of reference were sought and site inspections carried out. (source)


Gordon Barber, the park board’s manager of revenue operations, told the Sun the park board wouldn’t have allowed French to adopt the retired pets if they had realized he sold meat from his farm. (source)

Somehow, the fact that French runs a farm that specializes in free-range beef, lamb, turkey and eggs slipped past them.

Regardless of intent or negligence on the part of anybody involved, the fact remains that while French may be in trouble for breaking his contract with the city, he didn’t violate any laws.   This sort of thing happens all the time and has been documented over and over again.  Though in this case, the animals were sold because the zoo was closing, it is legal, routine practice for petting zoos to  send their animals to slaughter once they grow past the optimum age for cuddly cuteness.   Animals at zoos (the non-petting kind) frequently suffer the same fate: when babies are born, bringing in legions of new customers, it is the older, less popular animals that pay the price.  They frequently end up in slaughterhouses, in decrepit roadside zoos or travelling circuses, or even on shooting ranges and hunting ranches.  That includes bears, tigers, lions, antelopes, kangaroos, giraffes, hippos, and more.

Liberation BC will be posting a new info page on our website with more facts about zoos soon.  Watch for it!



February 13, 2012 at 8:49 pm

A travesty. Simply horrid. Is there any legal retribution?


March 19, 2012 at 7:59 am

Of course not: “…may be in trouble for breaking his contract with the city, he didn’t violate any laws.”
Sad but true. I hate that animals are “things” according to the law. It has still not been accepted by any government that animals are thinking and feeling beings and require legal protection like an individual.

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