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Successful Demo for Mother’s Day!

Liberation BC launched a cow-led search party on Wednesday May 9th to find calves that are stolen by the millions each year from mother cows by the Canadian dairy industry.  We gathered to promote our Cow Ribbon Campaign, which raises awareness about the suffering of mother cows and encourages the public to choose dairy alternatives.

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Mother’s Day: Harry and William’s Story

This is part three in a series of stories about mother cows.  Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet? Harry and William were born in 2011.  Like the mothers of Arnold and his friends, Harry and William’s mothers are anonymous, lost to the industry like so many other dairy cows.  They may still be alive, suffering through repeated artificial inseminations

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Mother’s Day: The Story of Arnold and Friends

This is part two in a series of stories about mother cows.  Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet? We can’t tell you about the mothers who gave birth to Arnold and his friends, but we know that they are only a few of the millions of dairy cows who are impregnated year after year only to lose their

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Mother’s Day: Sadie’s Story

This is part one in a series of stories about mother cows.  Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet?   Sadie is from a typical dairy farm. She was impregnated four times and all of her babies were taken from her immediately after birth. Her male calves were sold as veal and her female calves were used to replace adult dairy

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International Respect for Chickens Day 2012

In 2005, United Poultry Concerns declared May 4th International Respect for Chickens Day. It makes sense to have a special day to recognize chickens, who are the most abused animals on the planet.  Those raised for meat are slaughtered at 45 days of age, if, indeed, they manage to survive the considerable toll that the industry