Mother’s Day: Harry and William’s Story

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Mother’s Day: Harry and William’s Story

This is part three in a series of stories about mother cows.  Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet?

Harry and William were born in 2011.  Like the mothers of Arnold and his friends, Harry and William’s mothers are anonymous, lost to the industry like so many other dairy cows.  They may still be alive, suffering through repeated artificial inseminations and pregnancies only to have their calves taken away within hours, or they may already have gone to slaughter, their bodies exhausted after only a few years of intensive milk production.

Harry and William were on a truck with nearly 100 other orphans of the dairy industry, en route to the slaughterhouse, when they were rescued by wildlife rehabilitators.  Emaciated, hypothermic, and suffering dehydration as a result of severe diarrhea, they were so sick that the veterinarians did not expect them to live.  It took some time and a lot of intensive care, but Harry and William pulled through.

The pair now lives at Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres in southern California. You can see a video of them enjoying their freedom here:

(Harry and William’s story is one of Farm Sanctuary’s 2011 Featured Rescues.)

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