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Meat consumption and global pandemics

Guest post by Dr. Martin Godwyn, originally published in The Flying Shingle, May 28, 2012: If you were asked what is the greatest single threat to human life today, what would you say? Certainly, climate change would be a strong contender for that title…turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet is, for most of us, the simplest

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Walk for Farm Animals: the last 5 years

With Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary coming up on September 29th,  I thought this would be a good time to talk about the last 5 years.  The Vancouver walk gets bigger and better every time and each walk is more exciting than the last.  What can I say, we

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Book Review: The Animal Activist’s Handbook

If you care about animals and you want to be inspired to do more, become empowered with skills to make a difference, and feel confident that there is hope for the animal rights movement, then the Animal Activist’s Handbook is for you!  It is a quick read but the information is powerful.  I keep the