Walk for Farm Animals: the last 5 years

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Walk for Farm Animals: the last 5 years

With Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary coming up on September 29th,  I thought this would be a good time to talk about the last 5 years.  The Vancouver walk gets bigger and better every time and each walk is more exciting than the last.  What can I say, we have a lot of compassionate–and fun!–people in this city.

First though, if you haven’t registered for the 2012 walk already, this is the time to do it!  There’s going to be costumes, live music, tons of yummy vegan treats, face-painting and balloon animals for the kids, and more. You can also get tons more info about it here.

1. Liberation BC’s very first walk was actually way back in 2005, when we raised just over $1,700.  Our second–and first annual–walk was in 2007 at Second Beach in English Bay.  There were 47 participants, many of whom are faithful walkers to this day, and a yummy veggie barbecue sponsored by the good people at Tofurky.  Despite being a pretty small-scale event comparatively, Vancouver managed to raise over $6,500 for Farm Sanctuary, coming in at #8 out of 46 participating cities.

47 walkers posing for a photo at the 2007 walk

Our first walk, in 2007

2. Our 2008 walk was appropriately Vancouverish–the morning began with lots and lots of absolutely torrential rain that began shortly before the walk did and ended minutes after we finished.  (Of course!) 50 soaked but determined walkers marched along the English Bay seawall and arrived back in time for a relatively dry barbecue sponsored by Tofurky, as well as cookies and a trivia contest with prizes.  The 2008 total was $5,608.50.

participants in 2008's walk for farm animals with umbrellas

2008's walk was a wet one.

3. In 2009, 75 enthusiastic animal lovers came out in the unseasonably warm October weather to march down Broadway and along a section of 4th Avenue.  The day continued with a delicious potluck Thanksliving celebration at UBC and an inspiring talk by Jon Camp of Vegan Outreach.  We’d planned for about 50 people, but the room was packed with over 100!  Thanks to the incredible generosity of many hard-working bakers, cooks, and volunteers, everyone had enough to eat.  Tofurky also donated 10 field roasts for the dinner.  You can see a blog post about the day here.  The total for 2009 was $6,480.63.

2009 walkers

The 2009 walk had 75 participants...

walker on stilts


Marty Gras, the anti-foie gras duck

...and our anti-foie gras duck, Marty Gras!

people picking food at the potluck

Everyone had plenty to eat...

Jon Camp speaking at Thanksliving

...and Vegan Outreach's Jon Camp gave us advice on activism.

4. The 2010 walk was definitely a festive one.  About 70 people met at the Vancouver Art Gallery with costumes and noisemakers to march around the downtown area, spreading the word about compassion for animals.  Altogether, we raised $6,632 for Farm Sanctuary in 2010.  See the blog post here.

2010 walkers posing after the walk

The 2010 walk brought out more than 70 people, including at least one pig, two cows, a duck, a chicken, and one gorilla.

Walk participant in gorilla mask and Vancouver Canucks jersey

It's well-established that gorillas eat a vegan diet. This one was also a Canucks fan.

2 kids with signs that say "Pigs need LOVE too" and "Pigs rock"

The next generation of compassionate adults!

And a video:

5. Last year, about 75 of us met at the Vancouver Art Gallery to walk through the downtown area with a collection of fantastic homemade signs and decorations.   The Carnival Band, a group of talented musicians, spontaneously decided to walk with us, providing an unexpected boost with their festive marching music and showing everybody that an animal-friendly lifestyle is a cause for celebration.  Speaking of music, we were also treated to the music of local activist Sinead Saunders during the post-walk festivities!  We had planned the 2011 walk in May and found out only a couple of weeks before the walk that Occupy Vancouver was going to be at the Art Gallery on the same day.  Though we were a little concerned about space, the coincidence ended up creating wonderful opportunities for outreach.  The grand total raised for Farm Sanctuary was $11,679, the most of any Canadian city!  You can read more about last year’s walk here.

walk participants holding a banner that reads "End Farmed Animals' Suffering"

In 2011, 75 walkers urged Vancouver to "End Farmed Animals' Suffering"

walk participants holding signs, one is wearing a pig mask

A pig and a duck march down Robson with their many supporters.

dog wearing sign that says "if you wouldn't eat a doggie...why would you eat a piggie?"

One of our many canine participants with a good question.

And a video:


Altogether, Vancouver activists with Liberation BC have raised over $36,000 for Farm Sanctuary over the past five years.  How amazing is that?!

So that brings us to 2012, and we know without a doubt that you will continue your tradition of compassion here in Vancouver.  (And did I mention that we’ve asked the Carnival Band to march with us again this year?)  It’s time to register and get your fundraising on!

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