Walk for Farm Animals: Julia and her piglets

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Walk for Farm Animals: Julia and her piglets

Since Liberation BC’s 6th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary is coming up this Saturday, it’s time to get to know just a few of the some of the approximately 900 animals who live at Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters.  Are you ready for the Walk?

This is part of a series of farm animal stories on our blog.


That’s the word the farm owner used to describe Julia, a pregnant pig who was…

“…moved from a cramped gestation crate to an equally cramped farrowing crate to give birth, [where] a worker brutally kicked and beat her and then ran an electrified cattle prod over the length of her body as she screamed in pain. The assault ended only when [she] collapsed, at which point she was dragged into the crate by her ears.” (more)

Pregnant pigs in the gestation crates where they spend most of their lives.

When the local SPCA and police department was alerted to this unbelievable abuse, they contacted Farm Sanctuary, who came to the rescue.  The supposedly feisty pig was in fact terrified, and cringed and cowered as the Farm Sanctuary rescue team helped her into the transport trailer.

Only 8 hours after Julia arrived at their New York Shelter, she gave birth to 16 premature piglets, all of whom required round-the-clock care due to their fragile state.  Julia herself needed medical attention; her feet were flat and her legs had sores on them, common injuries for pigs forced to live on the barren, concrete floors of the average factory farm.  She was also covered in bruises and burns as the a result of the more direct abuse that she’d suffered at the hands of farm workers.

Despite this, Julia soon came to trust the caregivers at Farm Sanctuary, allowing them to administer fluids and medications and to care for her piglets.

julia the mother pig and her babies

Julia and her new babies at Farm Sanctuary's New York Shelter

Rather than spending the rest of her short life being transferred back and forth between gestation and farrowing crates only to lose any piglets she gives birth to, Julia now has sunshine and fresh air and safety.  Rather than being slaughtered at just six months of age, the little piglets will grow up in a world of freedom and kindness.

Oh, and Farm Sanctuary’s have a new word to describe Julia, by the way: “angelic.”

You can see more photos of this adorable new family here.

Liberation BC is proud to support Farm Sanctuary by participating in the annual Walk for Farm Animals.  Won’t you join us?

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