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Leafleting and Lessons at the Paul McCartney Concert

On Sunday, November 25th, Liberation BC and 12 dedicated volunteers braved a frosty evening outside gate A at BC Place Stadium to speak out for animals.  Beneath a larger-than-life screen playing music and film footage from McCartney and Beatles concerts throughout the years, all 17 of us spread into the crowd of thousands of people waiting outside

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The human cost of chocolate

Like many (most?) people, I just love chocolate.  That meant when I went vegan several years ago, I had to make some adjustments.  Fortunately, it isn’t all that difficult to find vegan chocolate, since lots of dark chocolate is vegan by default.  (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the ingredients lists, though; some companies put

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Sign-making fun at November volunteer night

At November’s volunteer night, we had a great time preparing signs for our upcoming outreach blitz at Paul McCartney’s concert on the 25th.  (Get all the info about it here. We’d love for you to come on out!) Taking inspiration from a handful of Paul’s quotes about his vegetarian lifestyle, we set to work: Due to

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Remembering the hidden victims of war

On Remembrance Day, we honour the brave women and men who have served our country, many of them willingly giving up their lives to do so. What some people don’t know is that human beings aren’t the only animals on the front lines.   Dogs, pigeons, dolphins, canaries, pigs, horses, camels, elephants, mules, and many,

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Another one??

A third giraffe has died at the famously incompetent Greater Vancouver Zoo in less than one year.  Last November, a female named Eleah and her son, Amryn, died within a week of each other; while ensuing necropsies didn’t reveal the cause, the Vancouver Humane Society noted that as African animals, giraffes are particularly susceptible to