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Birds in the Pacific Northwest eat the most plastic…so what can we do?

A study published this summer found that seabirds studied off the coast of British Columbia and Washington have “among the highest” consumption of plastic in the world.  Researchers examined 67 Northern Fulmars who washed up dead on the shores of Vancouver Island and Long Beach, Washington.  Fulmars are a particularly apt subject for this type of

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Holiday vegan food drive!

Our friends at Nice Shoes are organizing a vegan food drive for our local food bank!   You can drop off your non-perishable vegan food at their store, located at 3568 Fraser Avenue, all through December.  Their hours are 11 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and 12 to 5 PM on Sunday. Unsure of

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Santa Claus Parade Leafleting

Thanks to all the Liberation BC Christmas elves who came out to the Santa Claus Parade to speak out for turkeys!  Sophie and I, along with volunteers Richa, Marv, Joanne, Sandra, and one super tall gentleman whose name we managed to miss (please let us know if it was you!) spent two hours spreading Christmas

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Girl bitten at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Cove

On November 21st, an 8-year-old girl named Jillian Thomas was feeding dolphins in SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove when something went wrong.  The paper carton full of fish she’d been given to feed the animals was empty, so she turned away from the pool momentarily, her arm outstretched: “…when the dolphin saw that, it leaped at

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Sexual Politics of Meat, pt. 1

In 1990, Carol J. Adams published her groundbreaking book, The Sexual Politics of Meat. Twenty-two years later there are still plenty of things, like this t-shirt, to discuss. Adams analyzes the t-shirt, which was created by a fraternity at Amherst College, with her usual intelligence and perspicacity; I urge you to read her post. That