Sexual Politics of Meat, pt. 1

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Sexual Politics of Meat, pt. 1

In 1990, Carol J. Adams published her groundbreaking book, The Sexual Politics of Meat.

From the cover of "The Sexual Politics of Meat".

Twenty-two years later there are still plenty of things, like this t-shirt, to discuss.

Adams analyzes the t-shirt, which was created by a fraternity at Amherst College, with her usual intelligence and perspicacity; I urge you to read her post.

That this t-shirt exists in 2012 and that its roots in the sexual politics of meat go unremarked reveals how truly nested in our culture is the connection between masculinity, male bonding, and meat eating. (more)

Elsewhere on her blog, she shares this relevant ad campaign from Germany:

"Tofu is Gay Meat"

Now I’m going to share a mere handful of the hundreds of similarly creepy images that I’ve found while perusing the internet.   (Click through for the source.)

Pictures after the jump.

First, the pigs:

Butt Lover's BBQ


This next one’s extra special, and not only because eating lots of barbecued meat is associated with cancer, breast cancer specifically:

Get it? Eat the rack of a pig, save the rack of a woman.  The reason there are so many “rack” jokes, by the way, is because some people are not only sexist but incredibly unoriginal. What’s that? You want another disturbing pig-related example that doesn’t involve a rack joke?

Well, that might be hard to do.

I’m kidding, of course; there are dozens of these things.

Oh, and here’s a White Castle ad featuring a stripping pig.

In part two, I’ll talk about chickens and turkeys.

Note: Our friends over at Animal Voices Radio Show aired an excellent episode on November 24th that discussed the connection between feminism and animal rights as well as the links between domestic violence and animal abuse.  You can listen to it here.


marv wheale

December 2, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Outstanding blog, Becci. You and Carol Adams have made a stunning observation.

The mass production of animal abuse in pictures, video and words defines the status of animals generally. Pervasive pornography and the hyper-sexualization of women and girls has a similar effect on female humans. Both forms of propaganda set the public standard for the treatment of animals and women. They legitimize the definition of human as dominant and male by subordinating animals and women. What the above images do is fuse into one the violence against animals and women with pleasure in eating and viewing. It is defended by libertarians as freedom of expression for humans (especially the males) but serves to silence the voices of objectified animals and women.

Immense thanks for bringing this reality to our attention. I can’t wait to read part 2.


December 3, 2012 at 9:17 am

Thank you for this post, Becci!

This connection is so clear and so deeply disturbing. Whenever we view another individual as just a mass of body parts, as just an object for our consumption, we can justify the violence against her.

We definitely need to bring more feminism into animal rights and keep building bridges with other anti-oppression movements. After all, as long as domination and hierarchy exist, the violence will continue.

There’s so many great books connecting these oppressions. Animals & Women, Sister Species, and Sistah Vegan are some of my favourites.

Check out this great song by Consolidated:


December 3, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Hey Alissa! I actually reviewed Sister Species here in April. I thought it was just fantastic. I am literally right in the middle of reading Animals and Women (also great) and Sistah Vegan is on my definite to-read list because I’ve heard people raving about it since the moment it was published!


January 6, 2013 at 10:49 am

Hi Becci, your post is really great. I shared it on my twitter feed ASAP. Thank you so much.
Now I can’t wait to read some Carol J Adams & the other books mentioned here.

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