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Taiwan joins the team, bans seal products

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One thing is for sure: nobody is benefitting from the seal hunt anymore, with the possible exception of the politicians who use it some sort of intentionally misleading talking point. Last week, Taiwan announced that it would be banning the trade of commercial seal products.  This is lousy news for the flailing seal hunt industry,

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3G Fundraiser was a success!

A big thank you to all the people who came out to the 3G Vegetarian Restaurant fundraiser on the 25th to nosh on scrumptious vegan Chinese Food and to raise money for Liberation BC. Thanks to you and the generosity of the good people at 3G, $500 was raised to fund our advocacy work!  As

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Why you should be at Animal Advocacy Camp 2013

Our third Animal Advocacy Camp is coming up on one month, on February 23rd and 24th, at the UBC Student Union Ballroom.  It’s the best unconference around and absolutely invaluable for any animal activist.  (You can learn about past camps here.) So, what’s an unconference? Well, at Animal Advocacy Camp, you get to set the

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Liberation BC benefit at 3G Vegetarian Restaurant

One of our favourite restaurants in Vancouver is 3G Vegetarian, so you can imagine our delight when they suggested a benefit to help fund our advocacy work.  How exciting! Please join us at 3G for dinner this Friday, January 25th, between 4:30 and 9:00 pm. 3G will be donating 30% of all dinner proceeds (over

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January volunteer night

Another month, another night with the best volunteers in all of BC! For January’s volunteer night, we stamped literally thousands of Vegan Outreach leaflets, cut up sticker sheets, and organized pins.  Our amazing team of 13 whooshed through these tasks at lightning-fast rate. As always, we had lots of interesting conversations, too: from advocacy tactics

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kim Ward

Liberation BC is very lucky to have a wonderful bunch of compassionate, devoted and eager volunteers, so we’ve decided to start interviewing them on our blog!  This is our first edition of “Volunteer Spotlight”, and our featured volunteer is Kim Ward. Kim started volunteering with Liberation BC in February 2012, where she proved herself to

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Get elephants out of zoos!

By now we’ve all heard the great news about the elephants at the Toronto Zoo: at the end of November, the Toronto city council voted overwhelmingly in favour of sending Iringa, Toka, and Thika to PAWS, an animal sanctuary in California.  In fact, more and more zoos are closing their elephant exhibits, realizing that we

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Sexual Politics of Meat, pt. 2

This is part 2 of my Sexual Politics of Meat series, inspired by the work of Carol J. Adams and others. Previously I covered pigs, and now it’s time for chickens and turkeys.  As usual, click through for the source. Pictures after the jump. (Warning: Some are pretty gross.)