January volunteer night

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January volunteer night

Another month, another night with the best volunteers in all of BC!

For January’s volunteer night, we stamped literally thousands of Vegan Outreach leaflets, cut up sticker sheets, and organized pins.  Our amazing team of 13 whooshed through these tasks at lightning-fast rate.

volunteers cutting stickers at a table

Snip snip snip...

As always, we had lots of interesting conversations, too: from advocacy tactics to the best ways to ensure you’re getting enough calcium (and why cow’s milk isn’t it!) to the facts behind “humane”, free-range, and organic animal products.  And one of our most enthusiastic new volunteers, Geoff, told us all about the exciting new Paid-Per-View program he just started at Kwantlen College.

table full of leaflets, stickers, and vegan snacks, surrounded by volunteers

Fitting the leaflets back into their holders after stamping is definitely a two person job.

February’s volunteer night will be on Wednesday the 6th.  You can get more details on our events page.  We hope to see you there!

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