Why you should be at Animal Advocacy Camp 2013

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Why you should be at Animal Advocacy Camp 2013

Our third Animal Advocacy Camp is coming up on one month, on February 23rd and 24th, at the UBC Student Union Ballroom.  It’s the best unconference around and absolutely invaluable for any animal activist.  (You can learn about past camps here.)

So, what’s an unconference?

Well, at Animal Advocacy Camp, you get to set the agenda and host discussions about what you want to talk about.   The format is Open Space, meaning that the attendees (yup, that means you!) will set the agenda at the beginning of the day. Anyone can propose a session for the event.

There is a lot of room for discussion within the framework of the AAC, and we all can learn a lot from each other. This is a great opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of many other experienced people in your community. Bring along your tough problems, questions you’ve been struggling to answer, problems you’ve been trying to solve.

participants at AAC

Participants at the 2012 Animal Advocacy Camp choose sessions to attend.

Here’s a sampling of just a few of the session topics from last year’s AAC:

  • How to enact food bans, e.g. foie gras & shark fin
  • What is happening with the European Union ban on seal products?
  • The relationship between animal oppression and other forms of oppression and why it needs to be addressed
  • Vegan diets for companion animals
  • Animal activists as political candidates
  • Mental health and staying sane in a cruel world
  • Learning skills and leadership
  • Using social media to advance animal rights
  • Supporting the next generation of activists
  • Doing our best to get our facts right
  • Ending animal research at UBC

(You can see more and read all the notes from AAC 2012 here, along with photos and videos.)

idea bags

Participants with group project ideas label brown paper bags, and people interested in helping out drop their contact info into them.

Want to discuss potential ideas ahead of time?  Check out the Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp group on Facebook.

Twyla Francois

We’ll also have two exciting speakers this year…

Twyla Francois, head of investigations with Mercy for Animals Canada:

Investigations conducted or overseen by Francois have led to the closure of facilities, animal cruelty charges and convictions, corporate animal welfare policy reforms, government-commissioned research, rescues of abused and neglected farmed animals, and opening the hearts and minds of Canadians to the power of their food choices.(more)

and Liz Marshall, accomplished director of The Ghosts in Our Machine and others:

Liz Marshall

Marshall has directed documentaries shot all over the world: West and Central Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, Europe and North America. She has focused on the Right to Water; censorship affecting writers and journalists, war-affected children, corporate-globalization, gender, sweatshop labour, refugees, HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, popular culture, music, dance, and the written and spoken word.(more)

Advance registration is required.  Register here.  The cost is $20 for one day or $30 for both Saturday and Sunday.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Activists gather to listen to one of last year's speakers, Camille Labchuck of the Green Party.

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