Making Easter fun for vegan kids

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Making Easter fun for vegan kids

…and vegan grown-ups, too!

If you celebrate Easter, it’s very possible that you grew up with the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.  But now that you know that eggs (whether organic/free-range or conventional) are the product of tremendous cruelty, it’s a little trickier to indulge in that particular tradition.

It’s strange to think that a fluffy yellow chick is one of the symbols of Easter and of the coming spring…

chick in egg

…when buying eggs (for Easter or otherwise) causes so many real chicks to suffer.

chicks in dumpster

The reality of eggs: thousands of "worthless" male chicks tossed into garbage bags and a dumpster to die.

Vegan mom Robyn Moore of Raising Veg Kids has an animal-friendly solution to entertain the would-be egg dyers in your life:

Kids can buy or make wooden, glass, paper mache, clay, paper, playdough and other eggs. They can decorate these eggs with paint, crayons, markers, chalk, fabric, beads, jewels, stickers, yarn, ribbon, foil, and other materials. You can even use natural food dyes such as beets, blueberries, saffron, cranberry juice, red wine, tumeric, raspberries, and anything else you can find in your kitchen pantry that can act as a dye. Better yet, use recycled materials found around your house and outside. (more)

child with egg

Vegan kids love Easter too...

She also provides a very simple recipe for clay eggs that can be painted and decorated however you like:

1cup salt
1/2 cup cornstarch
1cup boiling water
wet cloth


1) Mix all ingredients in a bowl
2) Boil to a soft ball stage (until thickened). Careful not to burn–reduce heat after boiling point.
3) Knead until dough-like
4) Wrap in wet cloth to keep for a few days
5) Form the shape that you want
6) Let dry
7) Paint

kids with clay eggs

Have fun!

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