March volunteer night: T-shirt party!

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March volunteer night: T-shirt party!

Did you know that the first Saturday of every month is Vegan T-Shirt Day?  Well, for March’s volunteer night on Wednesday, we all gathered at the Oakridge Library for a t-shirt decorating party!

volunteers with shirts

Armed with acrylics, fabric markers, and stencils, we began...

group at volunteer night

We also stamped Vegan Outreach leaflets.

volunteer painting

Merideth working her magic.

Take a look at some of the brilliant designs our volunteers came up with:

pig hugger t-shirt

Hearts on noses!

Kale University t-shirt

So clever!

cool chix shirt

Ridiculously adorbs.

Animal Liberation now t-shirt

Stylish and eye-catching.

Pro Feminist Vegan shirt

I love it!

April’s volunteer night is on Wednesday the 10th at the ING DIRECT Cafe (466 Howe St.)  Details will be announced soon.  We hope you’ll join us!


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