Cow Ribbon Campaign: the story of Alexander, Blitzen, and Lawrence

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Cow Ribbon Campaign: the story of Alexander, Blitzen, and Lawrence

get your ribbonAs we approach Mother’s Day (May 12th), it’s time to spread the word about compassion for all mothers with our Cow Ribbon Campaign.  This is part three in a series of stories about mother cows and their babies. Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet?

But first, why wear a cow ribbon?  What do dairy cows have to do with Mother’s Day?

Alexander, Blitzen, and Lawrence were discovered at an auction for dairy calves by Susie Coston, National Shelter Director for Farm Sanctuary:

The newborns, some not even a day old yet, were visibly frenzied and could be heard bawling for their mothers…their terror was only met with frustration from the workers who forcefully unloaded and moved them into holding pens by hitting them with canes or shocking them with cattle prods.


The scene turned even grislier when she came across the poor babies who were obviously very ill. She found one – a little calf who couldn’t even stand – collapsed and left freezing in the less than 20 degree weather near a loading dock. The other two she would rescue that day were shoved into the auction ring when the sale began. One was so sick and weak that his legs kept buckling beneath him as workers prodded him to get him on his feet. The other, weighing only 37 pounds, was so small that the bidders made a joke of him – calling him “trash.” Treated with the same indifference as all the others, these little ones were only mocked in their distress and ultimately deemed as being worthless when they failed to sell for even $1.

All three calves needed intensive care for renal failure, pneumonia, cysts, and a host of other conditions brought on by neglect and a lack of basic medical treatment as well as the fact that they were denied their mothers’ colostrum. But now they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives.  Most are not so lucky.

Speak out for Alexander, Blitzen, Lawrence, and all the millions of nameless calves this Mother’s Day! You can get a cow ribbon of your own for a $5 donation.  As we learned last year from Our Henhouse’s Jasmin Singer, it can spark some really great conversations!

Want to spread the word online?  Check out these adorable e-cards and icons that you can use on Facebook or Twitter!

Next up: the story of Freedom, Summer, and Sadie.

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