Cow Ribbon mania at April Volunteer Night!

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Cow Ribbon mania at April Volunteer Night!

At April’s volunteer night, we put together ribbons for our Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign. The campaign is meant to bring attention to the suffering of mother cows in the dairy industry.  Artificially inseminated year after year, dairy cows exist in a state of almost constant pregnancy so that we can drink their milk.  Despite this, they never get to know their babies, since the calves are usually taken away immediately: females are kept to replace their mothers, and males are either raised as veal or simply thrown away as garbage.

Armed with glue guns, scissors, and x-acto knives, our awesome crew of volunteers went to work…

table photo 2

An assembly line formed.

table photo 1

We also clipped stickers and stamped leaflets.

Aaaaand the results….

box with cow ribbons

This is just some of them!

With the help of our incredibly hard-working (and speedy) volunteers, we finished over 200 cow ribbons!  Simply amazing!  We’ve already begun shipping them out.   You can get one of your own for a donation of 5 dollars or more right here.   And as we know, they can spark some very informative conversations about the dairy industry.

get your ribbon

As always, a huge thank you goes out to the wonderful people who came out to help on volunteer night.  You guys are the best!

Our next volunteer night is scheduled for May 8th and you’re invited.  Get the details here.

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