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Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Event

On Mother’s Day 2013, we headed out to Georgia and Granville again to spread the word about the cruelty of the dairy industry.  (Check out our 2012 Mother’s Day event.)  We had our cow ribbons on hand for people to purchase. You can still get your own cow ribbon here for a donation of $5!

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Dr. Olivier Berreville’s Presentation at Animal Advocacy Camp

Dr. Olivier Berreville’s presentation on alternatives to animal testing at our most recent Animal Advocacy Camp was a big hit, and the videos are up! Dr. Berreville has been the Canadian National Contact for the International Network for Humane Education since 2003, assisting life science students learn in their chosen field without harming animals. His

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Celebrate Mother’s Day…with tons of cute animal pictures!

Check out our collection of cute Cow Ribbon e-cards to send to the mothers in your life! And a very, very happy Mother’s Day to all moms, whether they be… (It’s a cuteness blitz and I can’t stop!) (As with pigeons, both parents take care of their babies, so this might actually be the father.)

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Better than a Zoo: Big Red and Ezra, the Red-tailed Hawks

Zoos are no substitute for appreciating a wild animal in his or her natural habitat, and they usually mean cruelty, suffering, and death for the animals themselves. Almost everybody loves watching wild animals, though, and we’re very fortunate to be in the 21st century, where technology is improving to the point that we no longer

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In Honour of Chickens

Of the billions of land animals killed for food each year, most of them are chickens.   Saturday May 4th was the International Day of Respect for Chickens and, as a lead up to this day, Liberation BC held morning vigils all week outside the chicken slaughterhouse, Hallmark Poultry Processing, at Commercial and Hastings. For

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Cow Ribbon Campaign: Dylan’s Story

As we approach Mother’s Day (May 12th), it’s time to spread the word about compassion for all mothers with our Cow Ribbon Campaign.  This is part five in a series of stories about mother cows and their babies. Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet? But first, why wear a cow ribbon?  What do dairy cows have to do with

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Help fund the pro-veg transit ad campaign!

We have some very exciting news!  In one week, Liberation BC will be partnering with Mercy For Animals Canada to mount an ad campaign on the Vancouver Skytrain which promotes vegetarianism and veganism! The “Why love one but eat the other?” ad series took Toronto by storm in 2011. Millions of people saw these ads firsthand in

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International Respect for Chickens Day: A rooster crows for the first time

Today is the 8th annual International Respect for Chickens Day as declared by United Poultry Concerns back in 2005.  In honour of this special holiday, I  decided to write about a chicken I’ve known personally. In 2007, a little chick was rescued from the alley behind a slaughterhouse by local activists Tanya and Jason Halvorson.

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Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Results!

On April 27th, Liberation BC participated in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale for the fourth year in a row.  This year our chosen beneficiary was  Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary in Mission, BC.  The bake sale itself was held outside 3G Vegetarian Restaurant. Thanks to the work of volunteers and many talented bakers, a total of $830.75 was

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Coming soon: The Ghosts in Our Machine

Are animals property, to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings, deserving of rights? This is the question we are asked to think about in Liz Marshall’s latest documentary, The Ghosts in Our Machine. For those of us who attended this year’s Animal Advocacy Camp, we were lucky enough to hear Liz talk