Cow Ribbon Campaign: Dylan’s Story

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Cow Ribbon Campaign: Dylan’s Story

get your ribbonAs we approach Mother’s Day (May 12th), it’s time to spread the word about compassion for all mothers with our Cow Ribbon Campaign.  This is part five in a series of stories about mother cows and their babies. Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet?

But first, why wear a cow ribbon?  What do dairy cows have to do with Mother’s Day?

Sweet Dylan lives at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York now, but he was born on a dairy farm in 2005.  When he was discovered, he was tied to a post and lying in his own feces, a day away from being sent to auction as a veal calf.  This is the fate of most male calves born into the dairy industry, but Dylan was lucky: two caring people, concerned about the mistreatment of the newborn calves at the farm, talked the farmer into giving him up.

dylan calf

Dylan is just one of the countless male calves considered a nearly worthless byproduct in the dairy industry. (Photo: Derek Goodwin)

Dylan arrived at Woodstock just one week old, and though he was frightened at first, he very quickly became a fearless troublemaker, even following his caregivers into the house!

dylan with cake

One year and 800 pounds later, Dylan enjoys a birthday cake made of fruit, bread, and carrots. (Photo: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary)

This Mother’s Day, speak out for Dylan and all of the calves who never get a first birthday! You can get a cow ribbon of your own for a $5 donation.  As we learned last year from Our Henhouse’s Jasmin Singer, it can spark some really great conversations!

Want to spread the word online?  Check out these adorable e-cards and icons that you can use on Facebook or Twitter!

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