Cow Ribbon Campaign: the story of Freedom, Summer, and Sadie

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Cow Ribbon Campaign: the story of Freedom, Summer, and Sadie

get your ribbonTwo weeks left until Mother’s Day!  There’s still time to get your cow ribbon for a minimum donation of $5.  It’s time to spread the word about compassion for all mothers with our Cow Ribbon Campaign.  This is part four in a series of stories about mother cows and their babies. Have you gotten your cow ribbon yet?

But first, why wear a cow ribbon?  What do dairy cows have to do with Mother’s Day?

Freedom and Summer live at Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley, California.  Like all male calves born into the dairy industry, they were close to worthless, and were sent to auction at only a few days old.

Freedom and Sadie

Freedom and Sadie

Most of the time, dairy calves and their mothers are separated within hours, never to see each other again.  The maternal instincts of cows are powerful–they will bellow and moan for days after their calves are taken from them–and the calves’ need for motherly love and guidance cannot be understated.  At Animal Place, Freedom and Summer found Sadie, a former dairy cow who had lost many babies to the industry and who now acts as an eager adoptive mom to any young calves entering the sanctuary.  The three bonded immediately, and even as Freedom and Summer approached adulthood, she continued to mother them.  Whenever she felt that they had gotten too far away, she would call them back, and they would “begrudgingly” return for a grooming!

summer and sadie

Sadie and Summer spending time together. (Photo: Animal Place)

Speak out for Freedom, Summer, and Sadie this Mother’s Day! You can get a cow ribbon of your own for a $5 donation.  As we learned last year from Our Henhouse’s Jasmin Singer, it can spark some really great conversations!

Want to spread the word online?  Check out these adorable e-cards and icons that you can use on Facebook or Twitter!

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