Help fund the pro-veg transit ad campaign!

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Help fund the pro-veg transit ad campaign!

We have some very exciting news!  In one week, Liberation BC will be partnering with Mercy For Animals Canada to mount an ad campaign on the Vancouver Skytrain which promotes vegetarianism and veganism!

The “Why love one but eat the other?” ad series took Toronto by storm in 2011. Millions of people saw these ads firsthand in the subways, they were shared in the media across the country, and the video about the campaign was watched over 66,000 times on YouTube.

Many people reported going vegetarian and vegan because of these ads.  That’s how important and effective they are!

Now these ads will run on the Vancouver Skytrain for the month of May as part of a cross-Canada transit ad campaign that will also include Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

Here’s a look at the three ads that will be running in the Skytrain as poster-sized ads:

(Just click on them to see a larger version.)

Right now, Mercy For Animals Canada needs to raise just $5,000 more to run this comprehensive ad campaign in Vancouver. If you’d like to help bring the “Why love one but eat the other?” message into the hearts of Vancouverites, please donate now. (Choose: “Why Love One?’ Transit Ad Campaign 2013 from the drop-down menu below the donation amount.)

Oh, and if you’re on Facebook, you can join the event pages for this campaign in English or in French.

Please be sure to spread the word and keep your eye out for the ads starting on the Skytrain May 13th!

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