Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Event

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Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon Event

emilia face

That is one adorable calf. (Photo: John Federico)

On Mother’s Day 2013, we headed out to Georgia and Granville again to spread the word about the cruelty of the dairy industry.  (Check out our 2012 Mother’s Day event.)  We had our cow ribbons on hand for people to purchase.

You can still get your own cow ribbon here for a donation of $5!

This year, we had a special guest: Emilia and her mom, Fabiola, and dad, Trent.

Unlike calves in the dairy industry, little Emilia gets to stay with her loving parents.  Dairy cows lose their children year after year, one after another.  Male calves are raised as veal–an industry that began as a way to make some money off of all the extra calves created by the dairy industry.  Females are kept around and raised to be dairy cows themselves.  It’s a vicious, horrible cycle and one that too few people are aware of but many are grateful–and disgusted–to learn about.

sophie with cow

Richa (as the cow with the snazzy matching umbrella) and Sophie hand out leaflets.


Emilia with her parents

The cool, rainy weather wasn’t the best of timing as it cut down dramatically on foot traffic, but with the help of our amazing volunteers, we still gave out so many leaflets that we totally depleted our supply.

That means that between our May volunteer night on the 8th and our leafleting on Mother’s Day, we gave out 1500 leaflets about the dairy industry!  Great job, guys!  If you’d like to distribute some of our leaflets yourself, you can download and print them here.

emilia, fabiola, cow

Emilia meets her much larger counterpart.

cow hug

Our cow makes friends wherever she goes!

emilia in stroller

Even animal heroes get sleepy sometimes.

Our gratitude goes out to the wonderful volunteers who came out on a rainy Sunday to make this a better world for all moms!

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