Leafleting on Meatless Monday

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Leafleting on Meatless Monday

The Vancouver City Council declared June 10th, 2013 “Meatless Monday” as part of their Greenest City Initiative, giving us a great opportunity to do some outreach. Many people still aren’t aware that animal agriculture is one leading causes of climate change.  While the best way to help the environment–and the animals!–is to go vegan, even reducing one’s consumption of animal products is a step in the right direction.  And in a country where the majority of people still eat meat twice or even three times a day, one meatless day a week can make a difference.

While most of the city was in favour of the initiative (or in the very least, not opposed to it) a few angry voices came forward to make a fuss.   So please take a moment to write a quick note of thanks to the Mayor and City Council (Mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca) for making Vancouver the first Canadian city to have an official Meatless Monday–and hopefully it will happen again next year!

Onto the leafleting:


Way to go, Brad!

Twelve of us met at Granville and Georgia that afternoon and then spread out around the downtown area with our environmental leaflets, “Eating the Planet”.


Leafleting amongst the pigeons.

In just an hour and a half, we managed to give out over 1000 leaflets!  Way to go, guys!  A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers for the day: John, Sandra, Miriam, Almira, Vivian, Ashley, Thai, Alissa, and Jamie!


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