Meatless Monday is coming to Vancouver!

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Meatless Monday is coming to Vancouver!

Exciting news: thanks to the work of Eleanor Boyle, Trish Kelly, and others, the Vancouver City Council has chosen June 10, 2013 as “Meatless Monday”, and we’re going to be out leafleting to the public.  We’d love to have you join us!  Learn more here.

Why Meatless Monday?


Because the city of Vancouver is dedicated to developing food systems that are sustainable and that support community well-being; and the city is committed to its Greenest City Action Plan encouraging citizens to make choices that will add to environmental health. (link)

Meatless Monday might seem like a pretty small step, but you know what they say about the journey of a thousand miles.  Plus, Vancouver is the first Canadian city to make such a declaration.  So learn more about Vancouver’s Meatless Monday on Facebook, and leave a comment!

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