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Lots of fun at Vancouver Veg Fest

We had such a great time participating in this year’s Vancouver Veg Fest! According to Willow, “We handed out a tonne of leaflets and had many interesting discussions with people. The volunteers were absolutely FANTASTIC!” A big thank you to our volunteers as well as Saving Animals Canada for organizing this wonderful event. We can’t wait until next

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A former battery hen learns to walk

Chickens raised as meat are one of the most brutally abused animals on the planet–and yet chickens raised for their eggs have it so much worse. Confined in tiny cages for the entirety of their short lives, egg-laying hens–who can live ten years or more–are sent to slaughter at a year or a year-and-a-half old

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July’s volunteer night

For July’s volunteer night, eight of us met up in downtown Vancouver to do some summer outreach in the sunshine.  Armed with our Eating the Planet and Dairy: What you need to know leaflets, our volunteers spread out and began to work their magic. We started the evening with 1000 leaflets… …and ended with exactly

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Help end rodeo cruelty on Vancouver Island!

(This is a guest post by Melissa de Meulles of Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events) There is a small suburb just north of Victoria, the City of Langford, where each May long weekend the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo (LPR) takes place. This is the last rodeo operating on Vancouver Island. (Learn more about rodeo cruelty.)

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The Walk for Farm Animals is coming!

Last year, Liberation BC held our sixth annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary.  With approximately 115 attendees and a fundraising total of $12,823, we broke all kinds of records!  Learn all about our past walks here. And we’re delighted to announce that our seventh annual Walk is coming up on October 5th–and