Walk for Farm Animals: Marge the pig

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Walk for Farm Animals: Marge the pig

Since Liberation BC’s 7th annual Walk for Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary is coming up on October 5th, it’s time to get to know just a few of the some of the approximately 900 animals who live at Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters.  Are you ready for the Walk?  It’s time to register and start fundraising!

This is part of a series of farm animal stories on our blog.

Marge the pig

Marge (Photo: Farm Sanctuary)

In 2012, a farmer who made “artisanal” goat cheese and had already been investigated several times by the SPCA moved to a new rental property only to be evicted.

Unwilling to transport Marge again, the farmer tried to sell her. He found one potential buyer, who intended to slaughter Marge for meat but deemed her too big for anything but sausage. The buyer made a low offer. The farmer said he would rather let Marge rot than accept the price. Two days later, he did essentially that when he abandoned her and left her with no means of staying alive. (link)

The local SPCA came to her rescue and with Farm Sanctuary’s help, transported her to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

“Poor Marge has been viewed as a breeding machine, a source of cheap meat, and an expendable life,” says Kate Walker, Senior Humane Investigator of the SPCA of Tompkins County. “Until her rescue, she was not seen as the personable, intelligent, funny pig that she is.”(link)

Farm Sanctuary searched for a permanent home for Marge via adoption network, but everybody who could have taken her in was already full to capacity.  As a result, Marge has found her new forever home at their New York Shelter:

We’ve already discovered that she will hold long, steady eye contact with her visitors, beaming sweetly all the while. We’re excited to provide a future for this new member of the Farm Sanctuary family — a wonderful ambassador for all pigs, who are often seen as nothing more than commodities, but who have so much more to offer when given a chance.(link)

Liberation BC is proud to support Farm Sanctuary by participating in the annual Walk for Farm Animals.  Won’t you join us?

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