Down with down! (Again!)

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Down with down! (Again!)


.....that's....not a goose.

I’ve written about down and other feathers before–not just on our website but on this blog.  But I found this the other day at a local store and noticed two problems with the packaging.  The first is the fact that the photo is of a Mute Swan, not a goose.  (The body language tells us that the swan is kinda pissed off, though, which I guess is appropriate.)  The second issue, of course, is with the presentation itself, which is as ridiculous and inaccurate as the pictures of happy cows that sometimes show up on milk cartons.

Dairy cows don’t usually get to graze in some pastoral paradise any more than ducks and geese raised for their down (and meat) spend their free time paddling around in a pond.  In fact, many of our goose and duck feathers come from birds raised for foie gras–a product banned in many countries worldwide for its extreme cruelty.

Learn more about the violence behind down and feathers here.


More accurate but probably wouldn't be a big seller. (Goose photo from Four Paws International)


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