The Save Movement continues to inspire vigils!

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The Save Movement continues to inspire vigils!

Anita talks to activists

Anita talks to activist at Hallmark Poultry Processors

Anita Krajnc spoke about the importance of bearing witness at the Animal Advocacy Camp 2016. As the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, she has inspired many an activist to stand vigil at slaughter houses as the Save Movement has been picked up in cities all over the world from Montreal, New York, North Carolina, Melbourne, Perth, Sao Paolo to Surrey BC.

Following the camp, on Tuesday May 25, 2016, activists gathered at Hallmark Poultry Processing, where Liberation BC has hosted our own vigils since April 2013. Activists peacefully brought the slaughterhouse to the attention of passersby on busy Hastings Street. People who probably have passed by this location thousands of times without ever realizing what horror lies behind the gloomy blank grey walls that line the street saw glimpses of hidden suffering on the Liberation BC Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigil posters.

Anita headed back to Toronto, but she left behind plenty of inspiration and motivation to keep up the vigils at slaughterhouses in BC.

Hallmark Poultry Processors

Activists check out Hallmark at Hastings and Commercial


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