We lost Qila the beluga – ask your MP to act now

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We lost Qila the beluga – ask your MP to act now

Qila the beluga

Qila at the Vancouver Aquarium


Please share! You can use this link bit.ly/HelpQila

We lost Qila on Wednesday November 16. Let’s make sure her passing and the tragedy of keeping cetaceans does not go unnoticed! One thing you can do to help is flood MP inboxes this week so they know their constituents care. Write your Member of Parliament and ask him or her to support Bill S-203, which will modify the Criminal Code to create offences respecting cetaceans in captivity.

MPs track letters from constituents by subject matter, and they pay attention to volume. Please share this link or a copy of your letter with others and encourage as many people as possible to write in.

Feel free to copy the letter below or write your own version. You can find your MP on the Parliament of Canada site.

Dear MP (insert name),

In light of the recent death of Qila, a captive beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium, I urge you and all MPs to support Bill S-203. Canada should have no part in holding any sentient beings captive, let alone such intelligent beings as belugas.

Prior to her death, Qila had shown significant signs of stress, including stereotypy, a common concern among captive cetaceans. A 2014 report on care of captive marine mammals by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services noted that stereotypy behaviour can be a strong indicator of “suboptimal holding conditions or other sources of stress.”

This is an important issue to me and my family, as well as my friends and the community as a whole. Please take action to protect consumers, and the animals by supporting Bill S-203.


Your name and address (so they know you’re a member of their constituency).



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Laura Smith

January 3, 2017 at 6:46 pm

Inhumane! Stop this cruelty! Cetaceans are innocent sentient beings and do not belong in prison.

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