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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


From an Ontario Federation of Agriculture press release:

It’s something every livestock producer knows – if you have livestock on your farm, you are also going to have dead stock.

Safe disposal of that dead stock is increasingly a problem in Ontario for farmers and society.

… farmers are faced with paying a fee for the pick-up and disposal service.  Coupled with losing a valuable animal this presents a double-sided hit to the balance sheet.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture has been working with the industry to find an acceptable solution that will keep our valuable disposal services in operation, providing farmers with an affordable alternative to on-farm disposal of deadstock. (Source)

Basically, what this means is that they want the government (and, more specifically, the taxpayers) to pick up the tab for disposal of dead animals.

Nevermind that the “dead stock” was a living, feeling, sentient being. To the farmers they are really just a commodity, and the death of an animal is just a “hit against the balance sheet.”

Farmers should have to pay for the full cost of any cleanup that is required due to their keeping and exploiting animals. Otherwise, we do not see the real cost of the meat they are “producing.”

They write: “The industry performs a vital service for Ontario and needs to remain sound.” If by vital they mean putting our health at risk, damaging the environment, and exploiting and killing millions of animals each year, then sure, it’s vital.

Reading: a bunch of links from the past week

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Here is a batch of links from the past week or so, for your reading pleasure. Sorry to get to it so late. The biggest story was probably the HSUS veal slaughterhouse investigation, but I’ve only included one link to a story about it below. I’ll try to do a recap post about that story sometime this week.

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