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When Elephants Were Young film screening!

Please share our Facebook post for a for a chance to win! Wok and his young elephant Nong Mai share a life of struggle and street begging in gritty Bangkok. Their tender bond reveals a complex relationship where elephants live with humans even though they are wild animals. One day the opportunity comes to release

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We lost Qila the beluga – ask your MP to act now

  Please share! You can use this link We lost Qila on Wednesday November 16. Let’s make sure her passing and the tragedy of keeping cetaceans does not go unnoticed! One thing you can do to help is flood MP inboxes this week so they know their constituents care. Write your Member of Parliament

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The Save Movement continues to inspire vigils!

Anita Krajnc spoke about the importance of bearing witness at the Animal Advocacy Camp 2016. As the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, she has inspired many an activist to stand vigil at slaughter houses as the Save Movement has been picked up in cities all over the world from Montreal, New York, North Carolina, Melbourne,

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What did you think? Animal Advocacy Camp 1016

Animal Advocacy Camp 2016 is over, but participants have been left with so much to think about and process. We are in the process of gathering feedback on the camp so we can make future events even better. We believe the AAC has a great future, and we welcome your feedback about the camp, whether

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Local advocacy event exposes animal exploitation

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Liberation BC is hosting the Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp at the WISE Hall in Vancouver on May 21 to May 22, 2016. The event aims to strengthen the animal advocacy movement by building empowered and passionate communities of activists to end injustices perpetrated against all animals. Representatives from the animal rights community will speak about

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Liberation BC dairy campaign planning underway!

The Dairy Project is a focused campaign run by Liberation BC that aims to change the public’s perception and consumption of dairy products. The project is currently in the research and planning stage. Project members conducted the survey to identify effective strategies to focus the campaign on. Survey questions addressed the type and amount of

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Should the Vancouver Aquarium Increase its Captive Cetacean Program?

This is the question that the Vancouver Park Board asked on Saturday, July 26, 2014, with continuing public input on Monday, July 28. The meeting launched with the presentation of a fact finding report in the morning, followed by ample time for Vancouver Aquarium staff to present their case. All other speakers were allotted three

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Liberation BC Film Screening Series: Blackfish

  Liberation BC screened Blackfish on May 29th at the Vancouver Public Library. Tilikum, an orca captured as a two-year-old off the coast of Iceland in 1983, is the controversial star of the documentary film, Blackfish. Tilikum is one of many whales kept in captivity in parks like SeaWorld around the world. Blackfish explores the

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International Respect for Chickens Day!

Liberation BC commemorated International Respect for Chickens Day on May 4th with a special vigil at the Hallmark Poultry Processors slaughterhouse. Sunday’s event complemented our weekly chicken vigils, which Liberation BC holds every Friday morning in time for hundreds of commuters to see our signs that tell the story about what happens behind the big

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Liberation BC Film Series: SPECIESISM The Movie

About one hundred people joined Liberation BC on April 29th at the Vancouver Public Library to see SPECIESISM The Movie, a surprisingly funny and entertaining film for such a difficult subject. The film takes us on an exploration of the huge factory farms that span the American countryside, far from the sight and thoughts of the