Vancouver Chicken Save Weekly Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils

Saturdays 9-11am Vancouver Chicken Save’s weekly Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils are regular vigils at Hallmark Poultry Processing (a chicken slaughterhouse on the north east corner of Commercial and Hastings). Since April 2013, activists with Liberation BC have been bearing witness to the suffering at Hallmark Poultry Processing. Activists educate the public about chickens, animal rights and veganism. This event

Worldwide Vegan Bakesale

Liberation BC has participated in the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale every year since 2010, raising funds for local animal rescues as well as those located elsewhere. Past bake sales 2014 April 27th, we held our fifth annual WVBS at the wonderful 3G Vegetarian Restaurant, where we raised $541.55 to go towards new signs for our weekly Liberation

Walk for Farm Animals

From 2007 to 2013, Liberation BC has organized the Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals. We aren’t the only ones; 39 cities in North America took part last year. All funds raised go to Farm Sanctuary! Learn about:   2013 Walk 2012 Walk 2011 Walk 2010 Walk 2009 Walk 2008 Walk 2007 Walk   2013 Walk

Eyes Wide Open Film Screening Series

This is a free film screening series aimed to educate the public about issues concerning animals. Invite everyone!

Animal Advocacy Camp and dialogue series

This dialogue series kicks off every year with an energy-charged two day open space event called the Animal Advocacy Camp. The dialogue continues throughout the year with smaller and project-focused meetings. The format is lead by participants with a goal of encouraging activism and self-directed leadership.

The Cow Ribbon campaign

What would it be like to lose all of your children, one after the other? What would it be like to never know your children? In order to produce milk, cows must give birth – just like other mammals. In the dairy industry, calves are taken from their mothers immediately after birth, an emotionally painful