Liberation BC Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils

Liberation BC Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils

March 26, 2016 – 11:00am1:00pm

Liberation BC Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils are regular vigils at Hallmark Poultry Processing (a chicken slaughterhouse on the north east corner of Commercial and Hastings). Since April 2013, activists with Liberation BC have been bearing witness to the suffering at Hallmark Poultry Processing. Activists educate the public about chickens, animal rights and veganism. This event is peaceful. Activists do not interfere with Hallmark Poultry Processing workers, who work in difficult, stessful and dangerous conditions themselves. Activists let the hundreds of people who pass by during each vigil in cars or on foot about what is happening behind the tall grey walls of the processing plant.

Everyone is welcome and signs are provided.

For more details on these events, check out the Liberation BC Chicken Slaughterhouse Vigils on Facebook.

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