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Jack’s Blog provides summaries of recent research related to veg diets and notifications of updates.


Health risks associated with factory farms

“Communities have been fighting uphill battles against companies who want to take advantage of lax environmental laws. Consumers, meanwhile, can end up with meat loaded with antibiotic-resistant bacteria from thousands of miles away.”


57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

“Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet ensures a host of health benefits as well as prevention of some of the major diseases striking people in North America.”


What’s wrong with the Heifer Project?

‘They landed up at my house and made me take this cow,’ protests Kamlabai Gudhe in Lonsawala, Wardha. ‘I said we don’t want this. We have never kept cattle and don’t know how to. Give one of us a job, any work. …This brute eats more than all us in this house put together. And we don’t get more than four litres of milk in a day from it.’


The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants.


Livestock Gift Charities Do Not Help Poor Nations

“‘If people have paid money for 5,000 animals, fewer than 200 will actually get there-I can bet on it. This is cynical exploitation of animals and poor people,’ Mrs. Gandhi alleged. ‘Basically [livestock gift schemes] are a fundraising mechanism.'”


Food for Life Global

Food for Life Global’s primary mission is to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure veg meals prepared with love.


Feed the World

“People go hungry because much of arable land is used to grow feed grain for animals…in the U.S., 157 million tons of cereals, legumes and vegetable protein – all suitable for human consumption – is fed to livestock to produce just 28 million tons of animal protein in the form of meat.”


Do You Love People or Animals?

“The fact is that those who care about animals are more likely to care about people too. Sociologists and criminologists know only too well that violence to animals and violence to people, especially to children, often go hand in hand.”


UN says eat less meat to curb global warming

“People should have one meat-free day a week if they want to make a personal and effective sacrifice that would help tackle climate change, the world’s leading authority on global warming has told The Observer.”