Karen Moe Photography

Karen Moe has developed a shooting method that she has named a ‘Technique of Empathy’ where, through conversation, memory and humor, Karen is able to capture feelings that animate a deeper sense of her clients’ expressions and posture. She donates 5% all shooting fees to different local animal protection organizations. During special events, Karen Moe Photography raises the donation to 10%.


Elephant in the Room (in Vancouver)

Elephant in the Room sells fun vegan apparel and accessories, wallets, jewelry, purses, personal body care items, and more.


Dazey Dog Photography (in Vancouver)

Tanya Halvorson of Dazey Dog Photography is a talented member of Vancouver’s animal rights community who takes some of the most beautiful animal photos out there. “[Animals] are amazing to photograph, to capture the fun, the joy, the happiness…I am happiest when I am surrounded by them, covered in mud with my camera in my hand knowing I have captured exactly who they are because they are all so different.”


Alternative Outfitters

“We are a Vegan Boutique located in the Los Angeles area. We offer the best selection of fashionable leather alternatives and cruelty-free products for men and women including vegan shoes, vegan boots, bags and other animal friendly accessories.”