What about free-range farms?

“As all free-range animals are still viewed as objects to be killed for food, they are subject to abusive handling, transport, and slaughter. Free-range animals, like all animals used for their milk and eggs, are still slaughtered at a fraction of their normal life expectancy.”


Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: Rescue of 100 “Free-Range” Chickens

“I don’t know how they experienced their arrival at the sanctuary – that moment when the van doors opened and the light of day filled their eyes for the first time in their lives – but I know that, for one breathless moment, when we first looked at the 100 souls safely tucked inside, we didn’t see the tangled mess of soiled feathers, the open sores, the broken bones, the chopped off beaks, the mocked lives.”


Organic Animal Products

We’ve all seen the grocery store packages of meat, eggs, and dairy products decorated with reassuring phrases such as “natural” and “free-range” and pictures of happy animals running around quaint country barns. But people who buy organic or free-range animal products because they think that the animals are treated well are sadly mistaken.


“Labels such as ‘Cage Free’, ‘Free Range’, ‘Humane Certified’, ‘Grass Fed’, ‘Organic’, and ‘Local’ make it seem like those who are willing to pay a higher price can enjoy eggs, dairy, and meat from small-scale ‘humane’ farms that treat animals with compassion and respect. But is the public being misled?”


How Free is “Free-Range”

“Do ‘free-range’ chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows receive humane treatment? Are they slaughtered in less violent ways? While “free-range” practices may be less inhumane than the horrors animals are forced to endure on conventional factory farms, they are still very far from cruelty-free.”


Free-range or Factory Farmed — Can you tell the difference?

“Cage-Free / Free-Range hens come from the same hatcheries that battery hens come from. All of their brothers are killed by suffocation or being ground up alive, and the girls themselves endure the same bodily manipulations and mutilations, and they all ultimately end up at the same slaughterhouses when their ‘production’ declines.”


Bruce Friedrich – Humane Meat: A Contradiction in Terms

People have become increasingly aware that virtually all of the 10 billion land animals slaughtered in the U.S. each year for their meat, eggs and milk are terribly mistreated. In fact, routine farming practices are so abusive that they would warrant felony animal cruelty charges were they done to cats or dogs.