Vegan Outreach’s “Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating”

Order your copy of Vegan Outreach’s Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating, full of recipes and tips for living a cruelty-free lifestyle. You will also receive their free newsletter.


Vegan At Heart

“Vegan at Heart is a free e-mail coaching program for people who are vegan at heart but not necessarily in practice. It’s for idealists and animal-lovers and treehuggers and health nuts and everybody in-between who wants to incorporate more compassionate, healthy, sustainable habits into their daily lives but who need a little more info, a little moral support, or just a little friendly kick in the pants.”


Ghosts in Our Machine: Take a “Ghost-Free” Journey

This website from the creators of the documentary Ghosts in Our Machine provides tips, advice, and community for those hoping to reduce their consumption of animals. From food and fashion to entertainment, product testing and research, the Ghosts are the animals used as commodities for our consumer goods. To be ”Ghost-Free” is to practice a vegan lifestyle.


Farm Sanctuary “Veg for Life” guide

Farm Sanctuary’s full-colour guide to switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet is packed with recipes, facts, and great tips.


Compassionate Cooks

One of the best podcasts out there for learning more about going vegan or vegetarian. Beyond the podcast, the website is loaded with recipes, links, and articles.


Mercy for Animals’ resource for people transitioning to an animal-free diet and lifestyle. With hundreds of recipes and lots more.