Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

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Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

We’ve all heard by now about the 100 sled dogs slaughtered “execution-style” in Whistler.  This horrifyingly brutal crime should not be considered an anomaly, however: it is yet another reminder of what happens when we treat animals as commodities rather than individuals capable of suffering. The dogs were killed because of “a slow winter season”. 

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Johnny Weir: sometimes it’s easy to make ethical choices.

I’d like to call out Olympic skater Johnny Weir on his  response to people who decried his (cancelled) plans to wear fur trim on his uniform.  The Olympics may be over, but this kind of poor logic exists elsewhere and should be addressed: “I totally get the dirtiness of the fur industry and how terrible

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Love, nudity and the Olympics

Today is Valentines Day – a perfect day to spread the message of love and compassion to the Olympics fans and media. Special thanks go out to our friends Genny and Michelle for organizing this great event! This is by far the funnest and most positive demo we’ve had so far during the Olympics.  Activists

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Olympic lesson: not all protests are the same

The Olympics is a great time to get exposure for issues happening in Canada in the international media.  The city is overflowing with media and people. Yesterday just happened to be the 21st annual National Anti Fur Day.  Protests were held all across Canada against the fur industry.  We were handing out leaflets and raising

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Ouch! Inukshuk clubbing a seal – Peta’s new seal hunt campaign

I just got back from Peta’s press conference outside of Vancouver city hall unveiling the logo for their new campaign against Canada’s seal hunt. I am not always a supporter and I sometimes cringe at Peta’s stunts, but this time I think they are dead on. Co-opting the Olympic logo, which itself is co-opted from