Book Review: The Animal Activist’s Handbook

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Book Review: The Animal Activist’s Handbook

If you care about animals and you want to be inspired to do more, become empowered with skills to make a difference, and feel confident that there is hope for the animal rights movement, then the Animal Activist’s Handbook is for you!  It is a quick read but the information is powerful.  I keep the

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Rob Laidlaw’s recommended reading list

During his presentation at our 2012 Animal Advocacy Camp, Rob Laidlaw of Zoocheck handed out a recommended reading list for effective activists. Here it is: The Art of the Possible: A Handbook for Political Activism by Amanda Sussman (McClelland and Stewart, 2007) Animals and the Law by Lesli Bisgould (Irwin Law, 2012) Don’t Think of an Elephant!:

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Animal Advocacy Camp 2012

…were you there? On February 25th and 26th, about 100 awesome, compassionate people attended Liberation BC’s 2nd Animal Advocacy Camp.   This participant-led “unconference” was an inspiring, energizing event, and I know I’m far from the only one who cannot wait for next year! You can see photos here and here. And thanks to the

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Top 3 reasons you should be at Animal Advocacy Camp

Network with other animal rights activists and learn about other groups and campaigns – and build a stronger movement There are many groups in Vancouver and across Canada who are working on all sorts of issues. Fur, factory farming, veganism, health and the environment, animal testing, and many others. At Animal Advocacy Camp you can

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Helping Animals 365 Days a Year

Towards the end of 2011, I went through a period of discouragement. I suppose it had something to do with the holidays and the focus on food traditions like turkey and general gluttony. I began to feel that making any changes to the world view of using animals for food and other products was impossible.

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Take 5 minutes, save 5 animals

  The Humane League has discovered yet another way to engage in onlineadvocacy.  The process is simple: You go to, which chooses a random Craigslist page for you, and post an ad stating that you have a free vegetarian starter kit to send it out to anybody who responds with their mailing address.  Any addresses

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Toy Box, Toy Jungle, and live animals as toys

Back in April, we told you about a chain of local toy stores–the Toy Box and the Toy Jungle–who were selling live frogs.  (Both are part of the same company.)  After pressure from the public, the Toy Box, as it is known in Kitsilano, dropped the frogs.  The other 3 stores, all Toy Jungles, continue 

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Announcing the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale!

When: Saturday, April 30th, 3pm-5pm Where: In front of Nice Shoes, 3568 Fraser St. (map) From April 23rd to May 1st, 2011, vegan bakers all over the planet will be taking part in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale–and that includes Vancouver!  On April 30th, we will be holding a bake sale, with all benefits going

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CRA is seeking public comments on their charitable guidelines for animal welfare groups

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The Canada Revenue Agency (the agency that oversees charitable registration in Canada) is seeking public comments on their new guidelines for groups involved in animal welfare work. I may not have written about this before on this blog, but I have on my own personal blog (and here), and it seems to me that

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Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

We’ve all heard by now about the 100 sled dogs slaughtered “execution-style” in Whistler.  This horrifyingly brutal crime should not be considered an anomaly, however: it is yet another reminder of what happens when we treat animals as commodities rather than individuals capable of suffering. The dogs were killed because of “a slow winter season”.