Help revise our Talking Turkey leaflet

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Help revise our Talking Turkey leaflet

I was engaged in a bit of an exchange with Gary Francione over the past couple of days, and he made a good point about our turkey leaflet – that it was exclusively focused on the treatment of turkeys. Personally, I think it should still deal with treatment in some fashion, but it would improve

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Building community through online information sharing: what are your ideas?

Do you ever want there to be a website with a listing of all of the local animal rights groups, events, and volunteer opportunities? I’ve been to countless events and been in even more conversations with people where this subject comes up. Many people want to see some sort of centralized information hub where events,

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Month-long online humane education course

I received an email about this humane education course recently. It looks like it would be a great course for anyone who does any sort of animal rights outreach. If 4 or more people register together there is a significant cost savings. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can help coordinate

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Volunteer night: making it easy to get involved

Last night we had our second ever volunteer night. It was a lot of fun. About a dozen people came to help with stuffing envelopes, stickering and stamping leaflets, making cow ribbons, writing letters, and a few other miscellaneous jobs. Volunteer nights are a great opportunity to come out and get involved in a very

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Thinking about sabotage

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I’m on my way back to Vancouver from Texas, waiting for my flight to board. Reading through my rss reader I saw a new post from Seth Godin that caught my eye. This post is titled “Sabotage!” but has nothing to do with the Beastie Boys song. What it is about is how we often

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Join us for a discussion about using fun and entertainment for outreach

This coming Sunday, July 11, we are hosting a community dialogue on the topic of using fun and entertainment for outreach. Some of you may have made it to Animal Advocacy Camp or our first dialogue at Radha. Some of you may have been at Let Live. This event will hopefully continue some of those

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Let Live 2010: creativity, passion, and so much love

I’m back at home now after Let Live, an inspiring weekend of talks, conversation, and some really good food. Let Live is an amazing animal rights conference. I love it because it focuses on the grassroots – people who are dedicating their spare time to making change for animals. There are a lot of really

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A report from Let Live Portland

I’m in Portland at the Let Live Conference, an annual animal rights conference put on by the Let Live Foundation in conjunction with the Student Animal Liberation Coalition at Portland State University. The theme this year is “creativity.” For those of you not here, some of the sessions are being streamed live. We haven’t yet

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Create change – attend Vancouver ChangeCamp

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Do you want to see real change happen? Do you want to learn how to be a more effective agent for change? I’d like to invite you to attend Vancouver ChangeCamp and explore how we can organize to get better outcomes. This event is not an animal rights event – but it is an opportunity

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Vancouver writes!

Vancouver (and the surround area) is full of amazing, active vegans who want to change the world for the better. This makes me very happy. But what makes me even happier is that so many of them write blogs. Blogs are both inspirational to those of us who are involved in animal activism and an