“Experiencing” animal suffering through virtual reality

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“Experiencing” animal suffering through virtual reality

Though it is obvious that virtual reality could never truly recreate the experiences of an animal subjected to such cruelty as exists on farms today, a study at Stanford University has perhaps come a little closer than before. According an article in Scientific American, researchers carried out an experiment meant to give students an impression

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Help end rodeo cruelty on Vancouver Island!

(This is a guest post by Melissa de Meulles of Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events) There is a small suburb just north of Victoria, the City of Langford, where each May long weekend the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo (LPR) takes place. This is the last rodeo operating on Vancouver Island. (Learn more about rodeo cruelty.)

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Get elephants out of zoos!

By now we’ve all heard the great news about the elephants at the Toronto Zoo: at the end of November, the Toronto city council voted overwhelmingly in favour of sending Iringa, Toka, and Thika to PAWS, an animal sanctuary in California.  In fact, more and more zoos are closing their elephant exhibits, realizing that we

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Animals as Commodities: Sled Dogs Killed in BC

We’ve all heard by now about the 100 sled dogs slaughtered “execution-style” in Whistler.  This horrifyingly brutal crime should not be considered an anomaly, however: it is yet another reminder of what happens when we treat animals as commodities rather than individuals capable of suffering. The dogs were killed because of “a slow winter season”. 

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Chickens used as “props” in a media stunt

Showing a clear lack of respect for the well-being of animals, several University of Victoria students released (some accounts say “tossed”) 6 hens into MLA Ida Chong’s office in Victoria during a Dogwood Initiative rally on Tuesday. Dogwood Initiative is a BC-based environmental organization that has dealt with issues like urban sprawl and tankers on

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Cruelty of intention

Stephanie over at the Change.org Animal Rights blog posted about a cruelty case where a farmer beat a cow unconscious and then skinned the cow, apparently while the cow was still alive. What’s worse – or, what makes this even worse – is that because the farmer did this to kill the animal for food,