The myth of rural ethics

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The myth of rural ethics

I just posted a comment in response to a blog post on the Iowa Farm Bureau blog. I doubt that the comment will get approved, so I thought I’d post it here as well. Here’s the paragraph that caught my eye: Not only are too many suburban-dwelling kids like my daughter removed from the character-building

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Vancouver writes!

Vancouver (and the surround area) is full of amazing, active vegans who want to change the world for the better. This makes me very happy. But what makes me even happier is that so many of them write blogs. Blogs are both inspirational to those of us who are involved in animal activism and an

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We have a powerful voice

We just got home from the first of a series of animal rights dialogues that we are organizing. The series is called “A Powerful Voice” and the topic of the conversation was “How can we best work together to achieve animal rights?” There were so many great ideas and a lot of energy around many

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Film screening: changing hearts and minds

The Eyes Wide Open Film Screening Series kicked off last Saturday with Earthlings. In the next couple of months, Liberation BC will be screening two other films:  Fowl Play, a documentary about the egg industry; and Meat the Truth, a documentary about the environmental impact of meat consumption. If the series proves to be successful

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Animal Rights and Art

Local Vancouver artist, Katana Barnett, has interviewed me about my art at her fascinating blog, Katanaville.  The topic?  Animal rights and art.   Be sure to check it out!

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Across the internet: a selection from the past week

This past week is full of Thanksgiving-related posts and news, since Thursday was American Thanksgiving. Probably the most exciting Thanksgiving development was Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving. With Martha Stewart and Ellen both championing the end of factory farming and a move towards vegetarianism and veganism, there might just be hope for the future. Vegan Soapbox:

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One million calories.

This super interesting new interactive chart from Animal Visuals shows how many animals die for one million calories’ worth of chicken, eggs, beef, veggies, grains, etc.  You can sort it by total, by how many are slaughtered (intentionally, I assume?), and by the harvesting of fields, either to feed us or to feed animals. Isn’t

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Justice Rocks: Bringing social justice activists together (and some music)

Off-stage entertainment For the second year, Pivot hosted Justice Rocks, an afternoon of music and social activism in Strathcona Park. As they describe it: Only in it’s second year now, Justice Rocks is attracting a huge site full of party people — skate demos, a dunk tank, three marching bands, b-boy/girl break off, and a

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Animal rights vs human rights

Is there really any conflict between human rights and animal rights? I don’t think so. Only if we regard exploiting, breeding, and killing of animals as our right do we limit our rights by granting animals rights. We used to think that allowing women to have rights would infringe on our rights as men. Perhaps

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More thoughts on a world with animal rights

I’m thinking about farmland this time – the wonderfully fertile soil where we now grow tons and tons of corn and soy and not much else. Currently, most of the corn and soy grown in North America (Canada and the US are virtually identical in this case) feeds animals raised for food. In Canada I’ve