Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 8

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 8

Read parts 1-6 here. Can you imagine the world in twenty years if everyone were a vegan?  These poor people are so weak, they can hardly walk. Imagine a 90 lb. Marine trying to defend our country. He couldn’t even carry the gear he needs. Imagine a Iron worker, a connector, who tool pouch weighs

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 7

Parts 1-4 here. Argument: I keep hearing people argue that some of the more omnivorous among us would flagrantly protest animal cruelty, but that we’re very fond of tearing off huge, tasty pieces of our living cows while they scream for mercy. And I am very much against animal cruelty. I love animals. But guess

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One million calories.

This super interesting new interactive chart from Animal Visuals shows how many animals die for one million calories’ worth of chicken, eggs, beef, veggies, grains, etc.  You can sort it by total, by how many are slaughtered (intentionally, I assume?), and by the harvesting of fields, either to feed us or to feed animals. Isn’t

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 6

Argument: “All this Veganism stuff can only be adhered to by very wealthy people in a society that is very advanced.” Response: Fortunately, this is nowhere near true.  Unless you are buying a lot of pre-processed fake meats and cheeses–which are pricey, but shouldn’t be a large part of a healthy diet anyway–veganism is actually

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, part 4

Another short one.  I promise the next will be longer! Check out parts 1-3 here. Argument: “LOL my cousin is a REAL vegan but she creeps me out so…one quick fact…CELLS make up living things…they breath oxygen…they eat food…and they feel anythig that is afflicted on them…so when you REALLY think about it…plants live to,

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, part 3

Check out parts 1 and 2 here. Argument: “Bunnies and mice are accidentally slaughtered by the billions each year during mechanized harvesting of wheat and vegetables. Animals are dying either way. Eat what you like and don’t feel guilty about it.” Response: If I’m driving my car and a squirrel jumps into the road, should

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, Part 2

This one is kind of a two-fer, since they’re related arguments.  Check out part one here. Argument: “Animals would be worse off if all people were vegetarians. Think about it. Would a farmer keep Chickens and Cows and Pigs around and pay for them for free. Hell no if they would be free. At which

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, Part 1

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you’ve probably heard these arguments at least a few times–but more likely, you’ve been beaten over the head with them repeatedly to the point of insanity.  The best part about these oh-so-common arguments against veganism is that they are easily refutable.  Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be

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Foie gras proponents avoid the facts

When we are out protesting a restaurant that serves foie gras or out collecting petition signatures people occasionally come along who don’t agree with us. Sometimes they are even willing to stop and exchange a few words with us. What is odd, however, is that so often they are unwilling to deal with the actual