More animal-friendly fighters

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More animal-friendly fighters

This is just a quick note on some animal-friendliness at Saturday night’s UFC event. First, Matt Wiman, who lost a close & controversial decision to Dennis Siver, had the Meet Your Meat and Food Inc websites on his shorts. Second, I learned from the broadcast that middleweight Aaron Simpson has now gone vegan. (He went

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UFC fighter Jon Fitch’s diet

Jon Fitch is the #2 welterweight MMA fighter in the world in pretty much everyone’s book. (Georges St-Pierre, the consensus #1, is the only fighter to defeat Fitch in the UFC.) He’s known for a grinding fighting style, overpowering and outworking his opponents. Here’s a video he recently released showing what he eats in a

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Vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig doesn’t worry about protein; hates salads

Mac Danzig has been on every list of famous vegan athletes since winning season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter. Makes sense: who better to combat the stereotype of vegans as the 98-pound weakling in Charles Atlas ads than, well, a combat athlete. Last weekend was a good one for Danzig, as he picked up a

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Johnny Weir: sometimes it’s easy to make ethical choices.

I’d like to call out Olympic skater Johnny Weir on his  response to people who decried his (cancelled) plans to wear fur trim on his uniform.  The Olympics may be over, but this kind of poor logic exists elsewhere and should be addressed: “I totally get the dirtiness of the fur industry and how terrible

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 8

Read parts 1-6 here. Can you imagine the world in twenty years if everyone were a vegan?  These poor people are so weak, they can hardly walk. Imagine a 90 lb. Marine trying to defend our country. He couldn’t even carry the gear he needs. Imagine a Iron worker, a connector, who tool pouch weighs

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Mixed martial arts and the violence of everyday eating

There’s been a lot of discussion in the local Vancouver media about whether or not to allow mixed martial arts events in Vancouver. The latest news was that the city council had voted to provisionally allow these events for a 2-year trial. What’s interested me about this whole thing is the issue people have with

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Fun shouldn’t come at the expense of suffering

I used to play baseball. Was never very good, but it was fun to be able to go out and toss the ball around and be outside in the sun with friends. But then I became vegetarian (for ethical reasons) and couldn’t bear the thought of the suffering contained in my baseball glove. I don’t

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Yoga for the animals

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Kris, one of our members (actually one of our very first “official” paid members) has offered to teach yoga classes by donation – with the donations going to Liberation BC. So far we’ve done just 3 classes — but they’ve been really good. Kris is a really good teacher with a manner well-suited to beginners