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Link soup

Here are some posts and articles from the past week or so. Enjoy! A few posts about backyard chickens: Farm Sanctuary backyard chicken action alert (with link to coalition position statement on backyard chickens) Making Hay (Farm Sanctuary): Backyard Chickens, a Sad Fad Sanctuary Tails (Farm Sanctuary): The High Price of Fresh Eggs Animal Place

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Dear Vancouver, backyard chickens are a bad idea

We already have issues with unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, llamas, chinchillas, tropical birds, and the list just goes on and on. Introducing another kind of animal that will be part pet, part food source will likely mean bad things for the chickens themselves. Why, in this whole question of whether we

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Backyard chickens guidelines available for comment

The Vancouver city staff has released the draft recommendations for the keeping of backyard hens. The Vancouver Food Policy Council has been working with the staff (and appears to fully endorse the keeping of hens as a food source – but only for eggs). The draft guidelines do not allow for backyard slaughter. I do

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Backyard chickens – a bad idea

Vancouver city council is considering allowing Vancouver residents to keep chickens. While I realize that some people will keep chickens and care for them properly, I fear that most will not. Here are my reasons for opposing this motion: There are already welfare concerns with the keeping of the animals who are currently allowed, such